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Connecting Common Threads works with community leaders to determine needs, share ideas and provide solutions.


We discovered that the wells in all three villages were not working. The problem was with the pump. A huge thank you to Touching Heart for helping us to repair the pumps.

We were able to assist two young ladies get much needed medication.

When we asked how we could further help the communities, they asked for more ground nut seed (peanuts) to plant. We were able to give each village 50 cups of ground nuts to plant. One of the villages has tripled the size of their ground nut farm, providing them with enough to sell some at the market.

Connecting Common Threads provided interest free loans to the Women's Club to start soap making businesses. 

The average annual income in Sierra Leone is $340. Any amount of assistance makes a difference.

Please consider donating to help with these ongoing needs.

The before and after pictures of the access to Nguabu, one of the villages we are working with the Rotary grant. We drove over those logs, but it was very unnerving. We want to install latrines a the school there, but the truck needed wouldn't make it over this bridge. We raised the money to build a bridge. Building the bridge, while improving access in and out of the village, can change life for these villagers. 

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