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Education is the key to eliminating poverty

Connecting Common Threads is assisting the West Springfield Rotary in working with three village schools near Bo, Sierra Leone: Largo, Barlie, and Nguabu. We plan to provide clean water and latrines, furniture and education of teachers.


In May of 2017 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Training was completed with the children and adults in all three villages. ​Periodic refresher training is planned.

In Sept. 2018, latrines have been installed in Largo and Barlie.

Educate teachers: seven teachers from the three villages will attend an external degree program through Njala University. This is a three year program beginning Dec 2018.

New furniture  has been provided this fall of 2018.

Solar panels are installed in Largoh, providing power to the school. The hope is to provide adult education at night. In addition, a cell phone charging station to have an income source for the school. 

Working with community leader

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